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List of sites using Namo WebEditor as publishing tool. 134 sites on 83 different domains at the top level domain .PL. File updated 2019-04-01 15:19:33.

Sample data from this file:

"Site";"Domain";"Publishing Tool";"IP-number";"Generator tag";"Servertype";
"";"";"Namo WebEditor";"";"Namo WebEditor";"Apache";
"";"";"Namo WebEditor";"";"Namo WebEditor v6.0";"Apache/2";
"";"";"Namo WebEditor";"";"Namo WebEditor v5.0";"Apache";
"";"";"Namo WebEditor";"";"Namo WebEditor";"openresty";
"";"";"Namo WebEditor";"";"Namo WebEditor v5.0";"nginx/1.6.2";